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We seek a faith that rises from within, grounded in who we are and not what we have learned. We search for that faith in private devotion and communal worship, in dialogue with others and in studying the scriptures. We admit that sometimes, we are searching for words and ideas to justify our own behaviour, our attitudes, our prejudices.  But then we gather together in prayer, and our corporate prayer reminds us of what we all seek – privately and together: forgiveness, when we have acted selfishly or hurt others by our actions, fullness of life for all, a great love that enfolds the whole world, a sense of peace and compassion that reaches out to every human being. And we have also become mindful of many who struggle to find the love and compassion we all seek – people who have been hurt or overcome by forces outside of their control that have defeated them – people who feel their inner resources and strengths have deserted them and left them helpless. We have held them in our minds and hearts, and wished the best for them. And so, now, as one final corporate act of prayer, we sit in silence, and imagine a world of peace and compassion that embraces all, and we pray that that kind of world might become reality.  May it be so.