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Words from Jim

(posted on 24 May 2015)

“There is a spirit that is alive and well in this place. The question is... do you feel it, do you see it at work, do you know you are part of it? I feel it and see it and experience it often, both here in our time together and in the many encounters with many of you through the week. But sometimes we take it for granted or become complacent because frankly that’s what humans do. It is then that we need to listen to others in the way that Peter and the other followers listened to the many witnesses in the scripture reading this morning. I have been both amazed and really encouraged by the number of visitors and guests to our community that have commented, without solicitation, about how they have experienced this place. The spirit is alive and its presence is being felt!”

~from Jim's reflection, May 24, 2015, Pentecost Sunday