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(posted on 13 Sep 2015)

The Great Story has the possibility of transforming our lives when we open to the great and deep wisdom that has been present since even before the universe came into existence, the very presence of the Ultimate Reality, the spirit of God. It is a wisdom that far exceeds our little human wisdom and it is there, as a gift for us to embrace!
When we embrace the Great Story of creation, our story, for we are not separate from it but an intimate part of it, we encounter the wisdom of God, and recognize that the spirit of God is present – not ‘out there’ watching – but in every single moment of life, in every creature, in every raindrop and sunflower, in every mountain and every ocean, in every star and every galaxy, and most intimately in every single human being throughout our two and a half million year history as a species.
~ from Jim Hannah’s Reflection, September 13, 2015