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First, I will be bold enough to say, that midst the many questions, doubts, challenges that lie within these resurrections stories, Easter is essential to our Christian story, to my faith.  We cannot be sure, we can call into question the many understandings and misunderstandings over time of what the Easter experience was for those early followers, but whatever it was, it was powerful; powerful enough to change lives, to redefine their understanding of God; to begin a whole ‘religion’; and eventually to create a statutory holiday!  To reach all the way to you and I today, its mystery, a power holding me here within the life of faith.  There must have been something big enough for all of that, as John Shelby Spong states in Unbelievable.  And yet, it is this power that deludes us even as it assures me of its uniqueness.  A power that is worth my giving my all to and for and with.