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(posted on 9 May 2019)

People are being silenced for speaking out; they become a disruption to those who benefit from the way things are. Examples: environments concerns, unfair labour practices, the suffering of refugees, shortage of affordable housing, sexual harassment, racial and religious profiling...  


In the Easter season, we are challenged to move in new ways, ways we, like the disciples are not always sure about, yet be open new possibilities, ways deeply rooted in who Jesus was, what he taught and lived when he was among us. God longs for the rich and the poor to live more equally, for peace between all races, all nations, all faiths, all genders, all ages. Love longs to be reborn in each one of us. This was Jesus’ message. The disciples encountered the God of good news and resurrection for all and by the spirit’s power within, were unafraid of the consequences.  


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