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(posted on 28 Sep 2015)

Finding the courage to speak out is hard to do. So often I find I remain silent rather than risk against injustice in both private and public circles. I believe the universe and the Godspirit at the heart of the universe is calling us to live compassionately and passionately in our lives in this world... There is always risk that the result may not be what you hope for, but it seems to me that standing on the side of love, whatever the outcome is life-giving even in defeat or death...This is the way of Jesus and this is why we struggle to be faithful, to be courageous in our public witness.
As I sat at my desk this week pondering this I realized that I needed to put my thoughts into action. On a global level, I am deeply concerned about the growing Syrian refugee crisis and feel compelled to speak out. I have
written a letter to which I am hoping you might be willing to add your signature as well. The letter is addressed to Prime Minister Harper and will be copied to all the other party leaders. Click here to read and sign, if you, too, would like to add your voice to this appeal.
~ from Jim Hannah’s Reflection, September 27, 2015