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(posted on 18 Oct 2015)

We have no way of knowing what Jesus’ ecological mind set might have been, but there is no question that he lived his life understanding the connectedness to and not separation from all other human beings. Religions in general, and churches in particular, have lost their sense of mission with such a strict focus on dogma and doctrine; beliefs that have encouraged our separateness from the world and each other. But the Spirit is moving both within and beyond church communities, moving to bring humanity back to it servant role with all our relations.

Our evolving universe –infused with the spirit of God in every atom, every molecule, every life form, every human being – is grounded in love, compassion, cooperation and right relationship. There is no room in the universe for separation, no room for us humans to believe we are separate from each other and all of creation. Our future, if we are to have one as a species, requires a monumental and history changing paradigm shift. It means changing our understanding from separation to connectedness – changing our actions from domination to cooperation. Paradigm shifts are never easy, but they can happen. I seem to recall a simple Jewish peasant about 2,000 years ago who became a catalyst for such a shift.! It is my personal belief and my unfailing hope that church communities like this one have the capacity to lead this journey. May we find ourselves ready and willing to embrace the alluring and life-giving spirit of God that calls us to serve all our relations.
~ from Jim Hannah’s Reflection, October 18, 2015